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Brahm Muhurta - Awakening Before Sunrise

Awaken early morning

My Grandma stayed with me during my college years and her stubborn resolution to wake me up from deep slumber at the crack of dawn caused many a resentment between us. She had a loud sing song way of calling out my nickname – ''Laali…O…Laali'' she'd go at regular intervals…eventually succeeding to grate my dreams to shreds and drag me out of the secure confines of my bed. The habit of waking early has stayed with me and I have much to thank her for, now that I understand its relevance.

The benefits of awakening early are manifold: Brahm Muhurta is the time of 96 minutes prior to sunrise. Brahm Muhurta is that golden time of the universe when the ida(moon) and pingala(sun) energies converge their flow of prana(vital life force) in the sushumna (core of the spine) channel and hence it is to be harnessed for meditation. The Brahm Muhurta is Sattvic( purity) in nature and aids positive spiritual growth. They say that one who awakens in Brahm Muhurta defeats all negative planetary influences on the birth charts.

As per Ayurveda, the night is made up of three parts, the last being a vata (airy in nature) predominant time. This vata enery is apt to harness the active component of body movement and enthusiasm. All body organs and mental activity are stimulated by the vata principle and hence the physio- pyschological balance is created for a healthy start to the day.
The brain tunes into day-to-day circadian rhythms which are resolved to work better due to the pineal gland (deeper brain centers), which is responsible for release of melatonin for better functioning of the endocrine system and the individual as a whole. The pineal gland is believed to be the "principal seat of the soul" and is the hub for the conduit of the physiological with the spiritual, which in yogic anatomy pertains to the energy flowing in the sushumna converging at the crown chakra (the seventh and final plexus).

During Brahm Muhurta, the concentration of oxygen being at 41% in the atmosphere results in more effective Pranayama and enables better cleansing of the nadis and Prana through meditation. 

Awakening in the early hours results in improved strength, knowledge, beauty and health. 

Thanks to Ba(Grandma)



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